Let’s Wander


Want Me Where You Are?

I understand not everyone has the time to travel together, and if you don’t live where I do (Boulder/Denver, Colorado), how shall we ever meet and spend a blissful few hours together? Simple: I offer Fly Me To You options!

The fine-print: You’ll cover first- or business-class airfare round trip (or a private driver if the destination is within driving distance), send me a 25% deposit so I can prepare and set this time aside for us, and you’ll arrange the upscale space where we will meet.

Donations for Fly Me to You:

  • 3 hours: 3,000

  • 4 hours: 4,000

  • 5 hours: 4,800

  • 6 hours: 5,600

Don’t see what you want? Feel free to make a specific request in the notes section of your booking form.

(FMTY is intended for less-than-a-day trysts. Want to spend a day or more together? See below for Travel options!)

Let's Adventure Together!

I absolutely adore immersing myself in different parts of the world, and I do it myself any chance I get.

Favorite experiences for me have included: Bathing on the Asturian/Galician shores in the north of Spain, sipping Lambrusco and Franciacorta in Italy, devouring washed-rind cheese and baguettes in France, hiking in the jungles of Colombia, and biking around the tropical mountains of Cuba.

Take me with you (or have me meet you) on your next trip, whether for business or pleasure. An active passport holder, I am culturally sensitive, speak fluent Castellano, and adore unique local cuisine wherever I am.

I’m currently dying to go to Greece, the Italian Alps/Dolomites, Patagonia and Buenos Aires… a gentleman who takes me would certainly receive extra special treatment.

Donations for Travel:

  • 1 day (24 hrs): 6,000

  • 2 days: 8,000

  • 3 days: 11,000

  • 4 days: 14,000

  • 5 days: 17,000

  • 6 days: 20,000

  • Add 3,000/each additional day beyond 6

Trip Etiquette

  • I require 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.

  • I appreciate 2-3 hours during the day to myself to recharge in order bring you my best bright-eyed self.

  • All travel expenses (airport transport/Uber, and first- or business-class, round-trip airfare so I can be refreshed for you) are covered by you in advance. I purchase my own flights, and will happily send you the details to be reimbursed in the next 12 hours.

  • In order to hold this precious time for us, I require a 25% deposit up front.