Donations & Details

As a luxury provider in Colorado, I offer intimate, playful, sensual experiences to gentlemen and couples who wish to feel nourished, enlivened and fulfilled!

Please see my Experiences page for specifics on the Luxury and Bespoke offerings I provide; my reason for two different Donation levels will then make sense. I understand I may not be for everyone (and I don’t desire to be). Please make sure my donation is within your budget before contacting me. Then, let’s schedule time together!

Donation Rate: Luxury

  • 1 hour: 800 - “The Sparkling Rosé”

  • 1.5 hours: 1,000 - “The Cava”

  • 2 hours: 1,200 - “The Lambrusco”

  • 3 hours: 1,600 - “The Cremant”

  • 4 hours: 2,000 - “The Franciacorta”

  • 6 hours: 3,000 - “The Champagne”

  • sleepover: 4,000 (14 hours) - “The Quality Mimosas”

  • staycation: 5,000 (24 hours) - “The Grand Tasting”

  • extended getaways + fly-me-to-you: see Travel

All dates of 3 hours or more include public time together. I am aroused most by true connection, and I prefer those who want to spend time with a dynamic woman rather than those looking for a quick roll in the hay. Need ideas? I adore immersive theater and experiences, sustainable fine dining, burlesque/dance shows, a delectable picnic of charcuterie and wine with the grass between our toes on a warm summer day—or, the seasonal alternative of brushing against each other in front of the fireplace at a dark speakeasy, desire swirling between us.

In-date extension: 700 per additional hour. Couples, please add 400 to these rates. For overnights, 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a necessity for me.

Donation Rate: Bespoke

  • 1 hour: 500 - “The Chianti”

  • 1.5 hours: 650 - “The Montepulciano”

  • 2 hours: 800 - “The Barolo”

See Experiences for my three unique options and mention which you prefer in your message to me: Sensual Kink, Erotic Dance, or Date-Night In. The Bespoke rate does not include FS/GFE or mutual touch.

In-date extension: 400 per additional hour. Couples, please add 300 to these rates.

Favorite Package: Date-Night Out + Nightcap In

As an ex-food journalist and certified Level 1 with the Court of Master Sommeliers, I'm very passionate and reverential when it comes to food/wine. As a connoisseur of these exquisite delights, I offer a “Date-Night Out + Nightcap In” package option! This is excellent for the traveling man (I can provide excellent restaurant recommendations), or one who would love to take a classy, educated lady out for the delicious foreplay of fine dining before a little private time.

Details: We'll luxuriate over amazing food/wine, then after you sweetly pick up the check (what a gentleman!), we'll retreat for some private time at my incall (note: this does not include FS/GFE, but allows us to get cozy and close with light clothes-on touch, similar to how a natural, sensual first-date would unfold). We’ll cuddle up for a bit, then I’ll send you on your way, deeply anticipating next time (perhaps a full luxury date to follow this one?). This is a 3-4 hour date and has a set donation of 900.

Reference my “Date-Night Out + Nightcap In” when contacting me; I prioritize it above all others as it brings me great joy, so you’ll shoot to the front of my queue. Note: To include FS/GFE in this package, add 1,100 (or come prepared with it, should inspiration find us wanting). P.S.: Want to proudly have me on your arm as I don a gorgeous, classy new dress? See my Wishlist page!

More Juicy Details & Options

If you'd like to meet in a public setting for food, drinks or coffee, my donation rate is 200/hour.

Longer arrangements (mutually beneficial SD/SB) are my ultimate desire, and can be discussed after our first experience together.

Dinner/lunch dates may be replaced with a public event of your choosing: a wedding, a wine tasting, business event, holiday party or other special occasion. I always dress with class, appropriate to the occasion (I may turn a few heads, but I won’t raise any eyebrows) and you’ll be proud to have me on your arm.

Incall location: Classy, modern loft in north Boulder, Colorado
Outcalls available to upscale locations. Flexible for travel to other areas of Colorado (Denver, Vail, Breckenridge, etc.) and beyond (I have a car, and I love to fly). If driving time exceeds 4 hours (i.e. Aspen, Telluride), I may prefer to fly. Additional donation may apply depending on distance.