Required Screening

I love making new friends, and I screen all clients (in fact, if a provider does not request to screen you, you should be concerned!)

We have two options: We can go the Employment/Identity Verification Route or the Provider References route. I am newbie friendly, but as you’ll read below, a deposit is required if you cannot provide at least one provider reference.

Rest assured, your information is secure. Your efforts at putting my mind at ease reward us both, as when we are together, I will feel safe and free to dive in to every moment.

Employment/ID Verification

I’ll need:

  1. Your full legal name and age

  2. Links that verify your occupation: LinkedIn, work website with your bio, etc.

  3. A photo of valid government ID (driver's license or passport)

  4. Either: 25% deposit or one provider reference

A deposit of 25% of the booking is required if you do not have at least one provider reference to accompany this information. I have secure and private methods for deposits; please inquire.

Provider References

If you do not wish to share your full identity, I’ll need 2-3 references from independent providers who have active websites/ads. Please include each provider's name, when you saw them, their contact information, and the website/ad showing that same contact info.

If you do not have 2-3 references who confirm your amazingness, we must include employment/ID verification as well.