Required Screening

I love making new friends, but I do screen all clients. This is non-negotiable (in fact, if a provider does not request to screen you, she may not be who she says she is…)

We have two options: We can go the Employment/Identity Verification Route or the Provider References route.

Rest assured: Your information is secure and deleted after verification. Your efforts at putting my mind at ease reward us both, as when we are together, I will feel safe and free to dive in to every moment.

Employment/Identity Verification

I’ll need:

  1. Your full legal name and age

  2. Links that verify your occupation: LinkedIn, work website with your bio, etc.

  3. A photo of your ID (driver's license)

Provider References

I’ll need at least two references from upscale, independent providers who have active websites/ads. Please include the provider's name, how they know you/when you saw them, their contact information, and the website/ad showing that same contact info.

If you do not have two references who both check out, we must include employment/identity verification as well.