Here’s where I’ll be… won’t you join me?

I am in my gorgeous home state of Colorado (I live in Boulder with easy access to Denver!) most of the time (with the ability to travel to/with you, of course). I absolutely adore Colorado… let’s go on an all-day hiking/biking (or skiing) adventure, then freshen up for a decadent dinner. This state has everything amazing!

Otherwise, you can find me in the places below. All dates listed are 2019.

Please note: Due to personal expenses incurred when I tour (and how costly cancellations are for me if they occur), a 25% deposit is required on all bookings.

Did you know you can sponsor a tour (U.S./Canada)?

If Fly-Me-To-You isn’t feasible for you, you can sponsor a tour for me! All that requires is a minimum 8-hour date booking (plus, it helps if I really want to visit your city)! Since it’s not a FMTY, I’ll pay for my own airfare and hotel (when I’m not with you)—however, you’ll take care of our expenses when we’re together, I will be free to see other suitors, and if I don’t get any other bookings and deem it too costly, I may cancel my tour (if I am the one to cancel, I will refund your deposit). If you want to secure me for yourself and ensure that I definitely come, Fly-Me-To-You is still the best option!



Sept. 23-29, I’ll be touring here. Let’s treat ourselves to the Ancient Aire Baths or a luscious couple’s massage, then dine somewhere fabulous or go to a show?


Nov. 7-13, I’ll be in Manhattan! I know this city very well, as I’m from the tri-state area; care to take me to some of your favorite haunts? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours...