Welcome, love.

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There’s one thing people consistently notice about me.

They notice it most when they take me out to a meal, or during more private realms of devouring… or, whenever I’m involving as many of my senses as possible.

My subtle moans with every decadent bite. My giggles of delight. My intense focus on whatever is most present—whether that’s you, or the sumptuous sip of Sancerre dancing on our tongues.

What people notice most about me is my absolute reverence for experience, sensuality and connection.

I’m Amber Délice. And I’m so glad you found me.

I love to curate meaningful, sensorial, sumptuous adventures. This work brings me more than pleasure: It feeds my soul, pulses through my body, makes my tongue sing.

It would be an honor to meet you, be your dining or travel companion, and create a nourishing, vibrant experience together.

I’ve put everything you need here on this website. Please settle in over a cappuccino (or a glass of vermut), and head over to my Reservation form when you’re ready.

Love, Amber