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Amber’s Wishlist

I love to feel valued and be surprised, so if gift-giving pleases you, here are the things that would give me deep pleasure. If a specific item is on here, I haven’t received it yet!

Beloved Paper Treasures:

If we’re meeting in public, placing your honorarium inside a book I’ve always wanted will definitely get you a heart-warmed version of me. I’d love to call these my own:

  • “Designing Miracles” by Darwin Ortiz

  • “Redhead & The Slaughter King” by Megan Falley

  • “Magic in Theory” by Peter Lamont

  • “Immersive Theatres: Intimacy and Immediacy” by Josephine Machon

  • “Creating Worlds” by Jason Warren

  • “The Breakthrough Speaker” by Adam Smiley Poswolsky

  • BestSelf: Self Journal (Undated and amazing for accomplishing goals in 90 days)

  • Commit30 Planner (A wonderful 30-day challenge planner)

Goddess Treats & Pleasures:

Here is a personalized list of gorgeous dresses I’d love to don. Shall I wear one just for you? (I like my dresses flowy and classy; size Medium, please.)

I’d love a Coravin wine preserver, oh please!

Gift cards to:

I would love to try on new luxuries for you, whether for a date night out or private time.

I care very much about sustainable fine jewelry brands that use reclaimed precious metals, fair-mined gold and ethically sourced stones, like Vrai & Oro, Monique Pean, Edge of Ember and Rose & Fitzgerald. Gold or rose-gold look best on my caramel complexion (I’m not really a fan of silver).

Any wine (or even a case!) from your travels that you think I’d adore. I love Old World (or Old World-style) wine, particularly Italian and French. I also love bubbles: Champagne, Franciacorta and Lambrusco are my faves.

A “Downtown Boulder” gift card (yes, you can buy a single card that is accepted at more than 180 downtown restaurants + merchants!).

I also adore: Asiatic lillies. Tulips. Quality incense and candles. New technology (I'm an Apple girl) that helps me live my purpose in the world (I still don’t have an Apple Watch…).