I love to feel valued and be surprised! If gift-giving is your love language, here are some things that would give me deep pleasure.

If you’re not near me and want to fill my day with delight, I’d love to accept some flowers from afar. Doing it through Social Flowers means all you need is my email address (deliceamber at gmail) to send me a lovely bouquet! I adore Asiatic lilies, tulips, or any array that you adore.

Gifts Fit For a Queen:

I very much desire the following treats. Anyone who gets them for me would get a very special private thank you…

  • Coravin wine preserver - so we can preserve our most cherished tastes

  • Dyson Airwrap hair styler - so I can look polished and on point

  • Zalto glassware - the better to serve you with, my dear

  • Net-A-Porter - a gift card for gorgeous outfits for our dates

I’d love any wine from your travels that you think I’d adore. I love Old World (or Old World-style) wine, particularly Italian and French. I love bubbles: Champagne, Franciacorta and Lambrusco are my faves.

A “Downtown Boulder” gift card (yes, you can buy a single card that is accepted at more than 180 downtown restaurants + merchants!).

Gifts Fit For a King:

Well darling, if there must be something in it for you (and there should be!), I’d love a gift card to one of these places for something ultra-sexy to wear with you during our next occasion.

High End

High Street

Please ask if you want to buy me something specific. My sizes are generally 34B, medium, dress size 6… but I may know the brand well enough to know if they normally run small/large, etc.

Care to adorn my collarbone? :) I care very much about sustainable fine jewelry brands that use reclaimed precious metals, fair-mined gold and ethically sourced stones, like Vrai & Oro, Monique Pean, Edge of Ember and Rose & Fitzgerald. Gold or rose-gold look best on my caramel complexion (I’m not too fond of silver).

Beloved Paper Treasures:

If we’re meeting in public, placing your honorarium inside a book I’ve always wanted will definitely get you a more bubbly version of me. I’d love to call these my own:

  • “Designing Miracles” by Darwin Ortiz

  • “Redhead & The Slaughter King” by Megan Falley

  • “Magic in Theory” by Peter Lamont

  • “Creating Worlds” by Jason Warren

  • Any work of fiction you think a deep, emotionally intelligent, hedonistic woman would adore ;)