Lists and Dalliances of Amber


Nuance, pleasure, societal underbelly subcultures, squid ink pasta, 90s hiphop, small vineyards, heavy blankets, omakase, eye-f*cking at fancy bars, Blood & Sands, boutique lingerie, fine dining, Tarot cards, leather aromas, Old World wine, hiking, community vitalization, Zouk and salsa, clean makeup, dirty music, sacred women’s rituals. 

Sizes vary:

  • S/M in the heat of summer. Quads taut, latte-edging-toward-mocha skin.

  • Medium most of the time, just like I am also happy. Positive. Curious. Most of the time.

  • M/L in the Winter, supple skin and thick life-saving thighs protect me against Winter’s rage.


Favorite position:


Favorite words:

Serendipity. Loquacious. Sycophant. Reverence. Metamour. Compersion.

Favorite medicine:

Girlfriends. Journals. Baths. Incense. Meditation. Poetry. Breath.

Amber Delice