Luxurious Intimacy (GFE)

Recommended for: Those who desire the ultimate FS experience, to receive and release, and to feel deeply connected and satisfied.

For a very select few, I love to offer sensual, sweet and naughty girlfriend experiences in which we feel fully embodied, connected and alive. You'll love experiencing my fit-yet-feminine curvy body, running your hands along my soft, caramel skin and through my thick, flowing dark hair. It would be a pleasure to meet you and co-create this luscious, erotic, vibrant experience.

Donation rate: Luxury

Sensual Kink

Recommended for: Those curious about submission, those who want to worship, please and experience powerful connected D/s play.

Have you been a naughty boy? Do you desire a powerful woman to tell you exactly how to please her? I am experienced in sensual kink and conscious BDSM practices, including fantasy, roleplay, power exchange, impact play and intense sensation. I'll hold a strong, safe container to fulfill your kinkiest desires. In this offering, I play a Domme role only. I do not offer submission.

Donation rate: Bespoke

Erotic Lap Dance

Recommended for: Those who love to watch, who love visual stimulation, dance, eye-gazing, a woman moving for her pleasure, on and off their lap.

Does the idea of watching a woman dance and touch her body for her pleasure turn you on? Have you always wanted a lap dance experience that wasn't surrounded by leering bouncers at a loud club? Here's your chance for a private, sensual experience watching a woman move around (and on top of) you to her delight. This erotic dance will arouse your sexual energy and and have you ready to conquer your day with fire and passion. 

Donation rate: Bespoke

Date-Night In

Recommended for: Food/wine lovers, sapiosexuals, somms/chefs, sensualists, those who desire an emotional connection/conversation first.

This is the first date you've always dreamed of! We'll cozy up together at my beautiful incall, open a bottle of fabulous wine (I love Italian reds...), make ourselves an aphrodisiac-filled indoor picnic, and have deep conversation, cuddles and light touch. This is the perfect date for those eventually seeking more intimate encounters, but who want to drop in with a woman first. This kind of date only makes our eventual ravaging more juicy. 

Donation rate: Bespoke


Consent and consideration turn me on most of all. Please do not arrive expecting anything further than what your Experience or Donation rate suggests. Respect my boundaries and we will have an exquisite time together! Any attempts to pressure me for more will result in the session being terminated immediately without refund.