While I tend to prefer one-on-one interactions among lovers and friends… sometimes the social dynamics in a triad offer a ripeness for conversation and pleasure that a tête-à-tête can’t quite replicate. Here, I present to you my favorite friends. Know that I have connected deeply in person with each human on this page, and it would bring me great joy if you’d like to book us together—for a meal, a night or a holiday.


Mara E. Blake

This woman is so many Goddesses laced together in one human: luscious, languid, incisive (in the best way), coy, attentive, deliberate… I could not adore her more. When you bring us together, you must know that we are happiest when we have plenty of time to dive deeply into rich conversation before partaking in a decadent dessert together.


This man is sweet, sensitive, tender… and rowdy exactly when you want him to be. :) I’ve found him to be incredibly aware, insightful and with a conversational depth of the kind one is always desiring in the masculine. For the client who wants it all (or for the couple looking for a good partner pairing for the evening…), there is no better choice than Link.

Savannah Grace

Savannah is a down-to-earth mountain girl if I’ve ever met one. Vivacious, beautiful, smart and incredibly thoughtful and caring, she’s one hell of an amazing woman I feel blessed to call a friend. We would be happiest if you took us both for a long hike in our gorgeous Colorado mountain ranges and then out for a delicious night on the town.