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For the next-level gentleman who wants to be more than just a client, this page is for you.

Here’s the truth: I am not a “buy me a Gucci bag” kind of girl. I am an entrepreneur, creator and writer with a big heart, an eternally curious soul, and a desire to make a real impact in the world.

With this in mind, I’d love to find a benefactor who supports what I do in the world. I adore nuance and the spaciousness that opens up in a long-term, fulfilling arrangement. I love to devote my attention, affection and energy to one or a select few who have my ambitions and interests truly at heart.

An arrangement would need to be with someone I already trust, delight in, and feel expansive with. If this interests you and we haven't yet met, let's do that first.

The Supportive Sponsor

If you’re short on time yet desire to go deeper into an arrangement that is full of pleasure, excitement and true connection, this is the option for us. We’ll agree on how often we’ll see each other, but it can be fluid—what matters is that we are committed to exploring desire and depth together. This level has some time limits, but let’s discuss!

Starts at 5,000/month.

The Patron of Precedence

This is my favorite kind of arrangement. We truly care about each other and would love to offer each other bliss, freedom and the ability to connect deeply at the same time. I'll make you a top priority, and we’ll both love that we can spend time together (including some travel!) without needing to nitpick about our exact hours and activities. I’ll be your shoulder, your solace and your lustful minx, all at once.

Starts at 9,000/month.

The Exclusive Benefactor

Want me all to yourself? You’ve got it! We’ll create an ideal arrangement—one that meets both our needs, and one in which we’re inspired to make each other’s lives more fulfilling. I will share all my treasures and talents with you (I am always learning new ones), and am up for wherever you want to take me—from extravagant trips to impromptu adventures. Time is irrelevant; you are my priority.

Starts at 20,000/month.